Available courses

The Specialized Master’s Degree (1600 hours) in “Business Engineers Construction and Oil&Gas Sector” aims to train engineers, executives and managers of Construction and Oil&Gas Companies that are able to manage business processes and construction building site process characteristic of construction infrastructure and oil & gas sector.

The Specialised Master’s Degree (1600 hours) in “Construction and Oil&Gas Sector” aims to train Engineers, Lawyers, Architects, Economics, Executives and Managers of Construction and Oil&Gas Companies that are able to manage business processes and Construction Building Site process characteristic of Construction infrastructure and Oil&Gas Sector. The Master is proposed with the support of large companies Oil&Gas and Construction Infrastructure operating all over the world with the aim to include brilliant Master's Students into the company able to manage the processes characteristic of construction building site in construction infrastructure and Oil&Gas all around the world. Project Manager, Assistant Project Manager, Lawyers, Program Manager, Cost Control and Planner can manage the process in companies that operate and produce on contract basis; (Oil&Gas and construction of public works infrastructure mainly everywhere).

Our Master’s Program, “Construction Oil and Gas Project Management” aims to complete the training of professionals intend to turn their attention to the management of complex construction projects. The objective is to supply the students with a complete matrix in the discipline of Project Management, particularly highlighting the critical and crucial aspects in the oil & gas and construction sector. At the end of the Master’s program the students will have acquired techniques and instruments that will be useful when they manage growing complex problems in order to obtain successful outcomes within controlled timing, costs and contents.